​Haivision Announces Live 4K HEVC Encoder

Haivision has announced the Haivision KB Encoder series for 4K/UHD work.

Built on the foundation of the KulaByte encoder/transcoder, the KB series introduces 4K/UHD encoding, HEVC/H.265 compression and new platform form factors, using Intel CPU/GPU processing.

“As the latest release of the KulaByte technology, the Haivision KB encoder series addresses the most demanding internet streaming applications,” says Mahmoud Al-Daccak, CTO of Haivision. “The Haivision KB series is built on a software-based architecture to be available as performance tuned, reliable, appliance platforms for on-premise deployment or as software for deployment within cloud and private cloud transcoding.”

The KB 4K and KB Mini HEVC Encoder appliances are powered by the Intel Xeon Processor E3 Family with Intel Iris Pro Graphics P6300. The KB Transcoder software is deployable in cloud datacenters and takes advantage of Intel’s integrated CPU and graphics technologies to speed up transcoding. At NAB, Haivision demonstrated a full premise-to-cloud HEVC video workflow.

"We are focused on getting the most out of both hardware and software-based platforms to fuel the eco-systems that our customers depend on," said Al-Daccak. "Our goals are simple: end-to-end solutions with the highest quality video at the lowest possible bandwidth."

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