​Evertz Showed Playout from Amazon Cloud

Evertz demonstrated a virtualized Media Asset Management, automation and playout solution running on the Amazon Web Services Cloud at NAB.

Mediator-X, the Evertz MAM, and OvertureRT-LIVE, the firm's play out server, were featured running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances on the AWS Cloud.

“When coupled with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier storage, customers can implement a completely virtual playout facility running on the cloud. Evertz’ virtualized solution takes advantage of the multi-region and multi-Availability Zone capabilities in AWS and the new Mediator-X clustered core architecture to deliver a high availability solution,” says Dan Turow, VP of file-based systems at Evertz.

“As media companies continue to look for ways to monetize their content across multiple platforms, the pressure to consider alternative implementation and deployment models continues to grow. The combination of Mediator-X, OVRT-LIVE-VM and Render-X running on the AWS Cloud allow our customers to quickly address new opportunities and reduce their infrastructure costs. These include unique solutions for 24/7/365 linear channels, short term "pop-up" channels, low-cost disaster recovery (DR) solutions, and highly optimized non-linear distribution architectures, amongst others."

Added Bhavik Vyas, Global Segment Leader, Media and Entertainment, at AWS. “Evertz is a leader in the MAM and playout market, and they are addressing the current and future needs of our media customers with their latest offering. Together we can deliver a 100% enterprise class and cloud-based solution that global media companies have been searching for; enabling the freedom to reduce, or potentially eliminate the need to own and operate physical data centers.”

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