Westcott Introduced App for Light 2 at 2016 NAB

Westcott introduced an iOS app at 2016 NAB that connects wirelessly to any Ice Light 2 model LED light via Bluetooth. From the app, users can check battery life and increase/decrease the output of their Ice Light 2.

Westcott said the Ice Light 2’s built-­in Bluetooth can connect to this new app from up to 100 feet away. Users can connect up to ten Ice Light 2s in a single window and change the name of each individual light for quick identification. Toggling between units is accomplished by swiping or tapping horizontally.

Beside offering wireless control for streamlined studio shoots, this iOS app is also a useful tool for preserving battery life by giving photographers the ability to lower their Ice Light’s power instantly between takes.

The Westcott app is now available for iOS devices through the iTunes App Store and will be available for Android in the future.

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