ARG Quarra Switches Support AES67

ARG is providing a range of AES67-compliant PTP switches developed specifically for broadcast manufacturers and end-users’ applications.

When NAB opens its doors, the move to IP will certainly be the hot topic on the show floor. Whilst the industry continues to develop standards and solutions to deliver real-time video over IP, the rollout of AES67 means that high performance Audio over IP (AoIP) is fast becoming mainstream - with ARG switches playing a key role in its success!

What is AES67 & why does it matter?

AES67 is the interoperability standard for high performance audio over IP, designed to enable stream exchange between different existing solutions such as Ravenna, Livewire, Q-Lan and Dante. Based on mature IETF standards such as RTP and operating over standard layer 3 Ethernet, the goal of AES67 is to enable every audio device to connect together with a standard common IT network and share audio, with efficient streaming and even distribution.

ARG Quarra switches support AES67

ARG provides a range of AES67-compliant PTP switches developed specifically for broadcast manufacturers and end-users, supporting applications where accurate timing and control is required.

Designed as either a standard 1RU Rackmount unit with dual power supplies, or a half-width 1RU unit with a single power supply, the switches are available in several configurations of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit interfaces supporting a best in class layer 2 & 3 IEEE 1588v2 algorithm.

ARG Ravenna switch

ARG Ravenna switch

See ARG switches in action

During NAB Ravenna will be using our half-unit Quarra switch to enable a full network connecting a variety of Ravenna enabled devices.

TSL Professional Products
At NAB, TSL’s "Audio & Video Networking for Broadcasting Wall" will demonstrate a SMPTE2022-6 network, a Dante/AES67 network, and Calrec Hydra. Our switches will demonstrate PTP Master, PTP Slave, and PTP Transparent Clock.

Pixel Power
Pixel Power will be deploying the ARQ 8100 to demonstrate the StreamMaster virtualized playout platform directly from the cloud. Pixel Power has employed an 8100 ARQ to provide a robust connection between the cloud and the NAB booth for live video demonstrations of premium broadcast channels.

ARG is a member of The Media Networking Alliance

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