QUALES Expands Automated QC at 2016 NAB Show

QUALES will present the newest QUALES ON the GO, a unique cloud PAY PER USE QC certified and running on worldwide platforms.

At the 2016 NAB Show, QUALES becomes one of first Cloud-based QC systems. QUALES has also expanded its boundaries, promoting a unique PAY PER USE QC solution: QUALES ON the GO.

The QC solution is certified to run directly on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and on an intuitive platform that is easy to use and access via an online service. Alternatively, QUALES QC is now also available through ORFAST´s cloud based MAM.

March 2016 will be a turning point because QUALES has been certified to run on Microsoft Azure Marketplace to execute a unique, global and accessible, pay per use QC service. For a monthly fee, any player in the content industry is able to analyze audio/video content with all the great benefits of QUALES ON The GO, where all acclaimed features of QUALES are now available in SaaS Pay Per Use model. This OPEX model has been developed to bring a proven and professional Quality Check solution to any budget and customer profile.

Content QC is easier than ever with direct access to online QC, powered by CUBIX and QUALES. One click provides an efficient, professional analysis, through a comprehensive web service for users seeking a fast, efficient and complete QC analysis. This innovative offer is not only a genuine and innovative solution in the market, but also an excellent combination of ORTANA´s CUBIX orchestration and workflow control and QUALES fully featured QC.

QUALES also confirms certified qualification to run within ETERE infrastructure, worldwide widespread MAM systems. You can now execute your QC directly from ETERE systems, verify all your audio/video content, create reports, or access detailed analysis and the rest of exciting features present in QUALES. QUALES-ETERE compatibility entails introducing a fully featured QC within ETERE’s workflow able to supervise content in a very flexible, effective and scalable way.

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