Skyline Communications Showcased Dataminer 9.0 At NAB 2016

The Skyline Communications’ management and OSS software for the broadcast, satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile industries, was on display at NAB. Key was the 9.0 release of its flagship DataMiner network management and OSS platform.

Skyline Communications' DataMiner 9.0 is a major milestone, introducing key innovations in four strategic areas, which in the context of the overall market evolution, will be instrumental to the success of broadcasters and network service providers. This version provides unconditional ability to integrate the unified NMS platform with any device or system is the key foundation of any successful long-term NMS/OSS strategy. The software enables any third party to develop, test and deploy new interface drivers more easily and more efficiently than ever before.

DataMiner 9.0 introduces a new profile manager, service manager, resource manager and booking module, which enable operators to manage the most complex and cutting-edge hybrid ecosystems as a highly efficient and single consolidated service cloud.

The DataMiner 9.0 system is a powerful cutting-edge indexing engine, complete as a fully integrated component of the already renowned DataMiner protocol engine. It enables instant ingest of vast amounts of unstructured streaming data from managed systems, and allows users to pinpoint relevant data intuitively and process that data in the DataMiner framework on the fly.

DataMiner 9 boasts a completely new profile manager, resource manager, service manager and booking manager. Combined, they redefine how operators can manage and control their services end-to-end. Any vendor, any technology and any business model … it can all be seamlessly brought together with DataMiner 9.0. and its vast array  of fully user-definable and highly innovative automation and orchestration technologies

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