Verimatrix Highlights Next Gen Video Security at NAB 2016

Verimatrix, specialist in revenue security, will show its latest platform enhancements for emerging TV services with a focus on 4K and online video at the 2016 NAB Show. The company will demonstrate progress enabling ultra HD (UHD) services through its VCAS Ultra security package and highlight the key role of its partner ecosystem for supporting certified UHD system-on-chips (SoCs), set top boxes and TVs.

Verimatrix will also exhibit its latest subscriber intelligence tools based on secure aggregation and analysis enabled via its Verspective Intelligence Center.

“This year’s NAB Show should prove to be exciting for us as we sit at the convergence point of some key enabling technologies,” said Tom Munro, CEO of Verimatrix. “Our approach to building strong partner ecosystems is truly benefitting service providers in their quest to secure new premium UHD services and grow more comprehensive data analysis capabilities.”

Verimatrix will also be talking about the three pillars of security for UHD video delivery aligned with specifications laid down by MovieLabs. These are hardware-based security, trusted software security and forensic watermarking. Each of these three pillars provides a different layer of defense, with the hardware pillar providing security inside the SoC (system-on-chip) or a root of trust for credentials such as keys. Then the second pillar, sometimes described as hardened software, ensures that only privileged logic components can be securely executed by the system, as protection against reverse-engineering, modifications and intrusion, debugging and general hacking. Watermarking the third pillar then enables streams to be traced back to various points in their distribution or lifecycle, including the origin server, CDN, access path, device types and the user.

The three pillars are interdependent and reinforce each other to provide a solid overall defense against piracy. Watermarking for example as the third pillar depends on both the other pillars for the trusted insertion of unique identifiers into payloads.

At NAB 2016 Verimatrix will be focusing particularly on the first pillar, hardware security in the client devices. To underscore the importance of rigorous security in UHD-capable client devices, it will be introducing its Ultra Security certification program, reinforcing the importance of building a comprehensive partner ecosystem to secure the entire delivery chain for UHD deployments. In addition, Verimatrix will be demonstrating its new ViewRight Ultra app family, which supports the rapid deployment of VCAS Ultra solutions and the partner ecosystem that features the new Secure Player SDK.

Given its specialty in revenue security, Verimatrix is also playing an increasingly central role in analytics, both in securing the analytics ecosystem and sourcing some of the critical data in a secure manner. Since its launch of the Verspective Intelligence Center, Verimatrix has been working with leaders in data analytics to deliver the desired insights to pay TV operators and broadcasters. At its booth, Verimatrix partners Genius Digital and ThinkAnalytics will address the latest techniques for churn reduction, recommendations and personalization. Additionally, Verimatrix will be formally launching its Verspective Operator Analytics solution, described as an extensible suite of offerings that is designed from the ground up to emphasize data security and integrity as a foundation for actionable intelligence.

Verimatrix invites delegates to view demonstrations at NAB 2016, Booth #SU2806, or visit

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