Vocas to Introduce Spider Camera Rig System at 2016 NAB

At 2016 NAB, Vocas will introduce a flexible, lightweight rig system for lightweight cameras — The Vocas Spider System.

Vocas said the Spider System has different available modules that can be configured in various ways. It will be introduced with an extendable arm, a universal camera base plate, a shoulder brace, a belly brace and a new handgrip.

The extendable arm can be adjusted in length and is rotatable 360 degrees. On one end of the arm accessories can be mounted to a standard rosette. Up to four flexible arms can be mounted on the camera base plate.

The system will be sold as a basic kit consisting of two extendable arms, a universal camera base plate, a handgrip and the shoulder brace. Every accessory can be bought separately.

Vocas will also show available accessories for the Sony PXW-FS5 camera. Vocas handgrip rosettes will be shown. For both the camera body and the original camera handgrip, Vocas developed inserts to change this connection to standard rosettes.

For the viewfinder, Vocas has developed a NATO rail with the new Sony 8p rosette at one end. Now the viewfinder can be adjusted in many more positions. Extra stability can be reached by mounting the new Vocas Sony 8p to 15 mm viewfinder bracket.

Two top cheese plates are available for the Sony PXW-FS5. A H-cheese plate and a full cheese plate will be available. The H-cheese plate can be mounted to the PXW-FS5 without removing the original Sony top handgrip.

Vocas has an E-mount to PL adapter. It can mount the adapter to the Sony PXW-FS5 bracket for support.

Vocas Systems develops and manufactures camera accessories including rail supports, shoulder pads, matte boxes and focus controllers. Vocas products are sold worldwide via selected partners. 

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