Tektronix Sharpens Leading Edge for 2016 NAB Show

The newest Test & Measurement solutions designed to guide the broadcast and media industry through 4K and the IP Transition will be on display in the Tektronix exhibit.

Tektronix will spotlight comprehensive and innovative solutions supporting the transition to live IP production, the creation of 4K content and the delivery of high resolution content to the home.

Supporting the transition to live IP production, Tektronix will demonstrate the recently announced Prism platform, the industry’s first hybrid SDI/IP media analysis platform. Prism delivers the unique ability to diagnose and correlate both SDI and IP signal types and help quickly identify the root cause of the error, whether it is in the IP layer or in the content layer.

The SPG8000A master sync and PTP grandmaster clock generator will also be on display. It is first in the industry with optional, field upgradeable PTP (IEEE 1588) support for both traditional SDI-based and IP-based media infrastructures.

The company will also demonstrate the latest extension to the MTS4000 and MTS4SAV3 test platforms. The extension includes comprehensive HEVC analysis tools and an enhanced closed caption analyzer to verify FCC compliance.

A hot topic will be adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), the underlying technology used with multiscreen, on-demand streaming services for PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and TVs. With the increased amount of content delivered via ABR for OTT and TV Everywhere, service providers need to be able to pinpoint errors in the network quickly and efficiently.

Tektronix will demonstrate its complete range of ABR monitoring solutions, including Aurora for fast and scalable automated file-based QC, Hydra Player for smooth review of ABR files, and the Sentry QoS/QoE monitoring platform which is used to ensure a quality viewing experience on each stream at each bitrate in real time.

The broadcast industry is going through revolutionary change impacting both content creators and those responsible for delivering compliant high quality, high resolution content to the home. However, given the huge investment in current infrastructures, this transition will occur in phases, which calls for test, monitoring and quality assurance solutions that are future-proof and offer flexibility that can satisfy evolving customer needs throughout the transition period.

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