Chimera Lighting Launches Speed Ring Finder App

Chimera Lighting’s new Speed Ring Finder app provides a tool to match lighting components and ensure compatibility whether checking inventory when loading out a truck, working on set or exploring future gear needs.

Chimera said each category — film (continuous), still (strobe) and LEDs — offers an extensive list of lighting gear from a wide range of manufacturers.

Accessible by alphabetical list or a search field, a quick tap on the selected light automatically displays the appropriate Chimera speed rings or, for LEDs, the matching Chimera lightbanks.

Fixtures and lightbanks can be purchased directly from within the app and a built-in location service identifies the nearest Chimera dealers and rental houses.

Access to a chatroom, forums, email and phone contact for Chimera are among the many features that make this app useful for image-makers and lighting technicians.

Look for “Chimera Lighting” to download the free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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