Videssence to Light Hitachi Kokusai’s Main Camera Stage at 2016 NAB

Videssence will bring its expertise in LED lighting technology to the 2016 NAB show by lighting camera demonstrations in the Hitachi Kokusai booth.

Videssence’s Vidnel and Vidfill studio style light fixtures will provide a layered and colorful atmosphere to demonstrate and highlight Hitachi’s latest HD and UHD studio cameras, including the world’s first dockable 8K camera.

The partnering of Hitachi Kokusai and Videssence allows both companies to feature products in a “hands on” setting for NAB attendees to assess, while demonstrating the power of high-color, low-heat LED rendering for fixed and mobile production.

“Videssence’s innovation in Fresnel and fill lighting sets the ideal mood for visitors to the Hitachi booth, providing the dramatic warmth and focusing characteristics that present our products in the most visually appealing manner possible,” said Sean Moran, COO, Hitachi Kokusai.

“It is also an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the substantial power that lighting provides at the acquisition stage of the production chain, giving users a more complete picture of how the two technologies complement each other for the greater good of broadcast-quality productions.”

To create an ideal viewing forum for this and other versatile Hitachi cameras, the studio lighting provided by Videssence will utilize its VN080 Vidnel Series 80-watt Fresnel and VN050 Vidfill Series 50-watt soft lights for the main camera stage.

“Lighting is critical to render the details and mood of a set,” said Lauri Maines, President, Videssence. “LED lighting fixtures reduce energy consumption, glare and heat production which keeps production staff and talent cool and comfortable on television, studio and motion picture sets. What separates Videssence from competitive LED lighting manufacturers is our exceptional performance, and the light levels provided by these low wattage instruments.”

The VN080 Vidnel Fresnel fixture distributes a powerful directional beam of adjustable light with single shadow focusing. The accompanying new VF050 Vidfill LED soft lights will be used for fill lighting on the stage. Performing like quartz, the compact new Vidfill delivers a large, smooth wash of soft, even, shadow-less light that can be further controlled with the snoot option. 

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