Archiware Presents Archive to the Cloud

Archiware, manufacturer of the data management software Archiware P5, is showing a preview of Archive to the cloud, which will be available in the summer of 2016 in Archiware P5 version 5.4. Also on show: P5 Archive App, a one-click archiving tool and Archive Assistant, an add-on for EDL restore and metadata mapping.

On the Dynamic Drive Pool (DDP) booth SL8505, there will be a dedicated Archiware Workstation for demos including backup and archive to LTO tape. An Archiware representative will be present to inform customers and resellers about the advantages of using P5 with DDP storage products.

“We are very proud to be part of such a great network of partners,” says Dr. Marc M. Batschkus, Business Development Manager. “The mutual benefit is incredible – our customers can choose their favorite hardware, and our partners can recommend our software knowing that it will complement their product perfectly.”

This year, Archiware will be represented on 36 partner booths at NAB, in many cases with running installations of the P5 software. The list of partners includes MAM systems CatDVFocalPoint Server, empress eMAM and Metus, LTO Tape Storage vendors mLogic, Spectra LogicOracleQuantum and Qualstar, Storage manufacturers Scale LogicPromiseSonnet Technologies and Object Matrix, as well as ATTOMOG TechnologiesToolsOnAir and more.

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