Socionext to Demonstrate World’s First Single-Chip 8K Video Decoder at 2016 NAB

Two new chipsets from Socionext will support 4K and 8K video processing, both with low power requirements.

Socionext will highlight its new 8K HEVC decoder chipset for 8K broadcast receiver systems at NAB 2016. Demonstrations will include 4K and 8K real-time encoding and decoding, multi-channel encoding with statistical multiplexing, smart Interconnect architecture for remote maintenance and production systems, along with HDR support designed specifically for video broadcast content and service providers.

New 8K-resolution HEVC Video Decoder

The new SCH801A video decoder is designed for content providers who require fast turnaround video with minimal power requirements. The chip was developed in collaboration with NHK. The term 8K represents an ultra-high definition format of digital video with 33 million pixels, 16 times the number in a typical HD system. The SCH801A can decode one channel of 8K 60P with a single chip. It is equipped with one lane of PCI Express Gen2, and four channels of HDMI 2.0 Tx as external interfaces.

New 4K-resolution chipset

The MB86M31 chipset compresses a 4K 60P real time HEVC video using only a quarter rack unit. Chipset power requirements are only 8W, providing a 90 percent power saving compared with other solutions. The reduced power and size are vital for next generation high-density video processing servers and portable devices like production cameras.

The “M31” enables the transmission of 4K high quality, high definition video through live broadcast or network distribution, while using about half the bandwidth required with the conventional H.264. It is also compatible with YUV 4:2:2 10bit encoding, which is essential for professional applications.

The MB86M31 supports multi-channel encoding with full HD or lower resolution video, which enables higher density for professional encoding. It will also support StatMux-ready features by adopting optional firmware. This feature helps to reduce the total bandwidth consumption of multi-channel streams in combination with the external StatMux controller.

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