ENCO Moves Into Audio-Video Playout with MOM

ENCO, best known for its automated radio playout systems, will introduce its first full audio and video automation product at the 2016 NAB Show. MOM, standing for Media Operations Manager, is aimed at television broadcasters, cable network operators and video streaming services looking for a low cost way to organise and automatically distribute a variety of AV material.

MOM is based on ENCO's DAD radio technology, employing its automation engine and configurable user interface to enable an operator to take clips into the system and then schedule, edit and play them out. It is also able to run all necessary operational functions from one workstation, with the OnAir controller giving the ability to change log entries, playback material manually and insert footage into a live stream.

The playout system can also be connected directly to production systems through GPI (General Purpose Interface), serial or IP interfaces. These can be linked to both existing components and networked devices. It is possible to transcode material as needed, with the ingest function offering media players in a range of formats. After media has been added to the MOM system it can be scheduled by dragging and dropping clips. At this point the clips can be previewed, topped and tailed, cued and made ready for distribution.

MOM incorporates four independent programme outputs, each of which can run in SD, HD or Ultra HD. It can also handle native codecs, with the ability to convert material up, down and across.

Commenting on the introduction of the new system, Ken Frommert, ENCO's general manager, said, "MOM represents an evolution of the proven automation intelligence and toolsets built into our range of radio and television audio playout products, with the additional functionality required to efficiently power video workflows. However, MOM redefines the user experience by eliminating complicated, spreadsheet-like user interfaces in favour of the highly visual and flexible modules that ENCO customers enjoy worldwide."

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