Streamstar Will Show New Simplified Live Production and Streaming Software at 2016 NAB

At 2016 NAB, Streamstar, a developer of live production and streaming tools, will introduce a new live streaming platform that can be easily operated by one user with minimal effort and training.

Streamstar’s version 3.0 software is designed to bring professional quality streaming and live production capabilities to a broader audience.

“Streamstar’s solutions are a direct result of customer input,” said Radoslav Toth, Streamstar CEO. “We listen to users and design simple features that address exactly what they need to achieve broadcast quality, television-style productions without all the bells and whistles that require additional manpower, complicate operations and add to the price. It’s really quite extraordinary and truly cost-effective; a solo operator can control production, recording, streaming and replays — all after a very short learning curve.”

Streamstar offers a path for multi-camera production streamed from a compatible Windows PC. A user interface and touch-screen control makes easy work of each task and speeds the process, from switching a camera to creating a PIP configuration.

Streamstar software accepts a range of inputs and video formats, and supports all major I/O device manufacturers. The platform has a broad menu of productivity features with a touch screen user interface.

It incorporates dynamic replay camera switching in slow motion; sequential replay playback via simple touch-screen tap; instantly created replay playlists; individual camera favorites; the capability to name replays and annotate their content for improved recognition and enlarged replay previews for optimal user comfort and control.

Four channels of DSK with transparency support the many graphics capabilities of the system. An internal character generator is now included to create lower thirds, subtitles, crawls and text objects. Graphic templates are provided for speed and ease-of-use.

The system can simultaneously send MPEG-TS streams with RTMP and SDI-OUT.

Close collaboration with JVC has resulted in full integration of the manufacturer’s streaming camcorders in the Streamstar Live production software for remote operation. Functionality of up to six JVC camcorders connected to a Streamstar system is controlled directly from the software’s user interface.

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