Broadcast Pix Launches Cloud Management System BPNet

​Broadcast Pix has introduced BPNet, a cloud-based IP workflow management system for all Broadcast Pix integrated production switchers.

BPNet software provides access to sharing, converting, distributing, and archiving media files. It integrates directly within Broadcast Pix Flint, Granite, Mica, and Roadie switchers, and is also accessible to collaborators via any PC or mobile device browser.

BPNet supports new IP workflows enabled by ASPEN, NDI, SMPTE 2022-6, and RTSP, and will support other emerging IP technologies as they become available for video at the contribution layer.

The product uses IP networks to enable production control using traditional and custom software switcher control panels connected locally or remotely via IP. It also provides access to the BPView multiviewer, as well as direct control of the latest generation IP cameras, decks, and other devices.

2016 NAB show attendees can see a demo of BPCommand, a tool for creating control interfaces for any production environment and technical ability.

The new product also consolidates bi-directional data flow between BP switchers, clip and still stores, character generators, social media platforms, scoreboard information services, statistics, and many third-party tools.

The product will be pre-installed in all new Broadcast Pix switchers beginning this summer and be available as a free upgrade for Broadcast Pix customers with a current warranty. The service includes 25 GB of cloud storage at no cost, with additional storage available for purchase. The base plan includes unlimited sharing of stored content, transcoding to BP format, and automated show backup. Additional options are available for transcoding to other broadcast and Web codecs, publishing to YouTube, Facebook, and other JWplayer-enabled sites, distribution to FTP, quality control, and offline archive support.

Company CEO Kevin Prince said, “Broadcast Pix integrated switchers are the trusted hub where production comes together effortlessly. BPNet extends the integrated concept beyond the bounds of the switcher to embrace video-over-IP and file-based systems that can exist locally, remotely, or in the cloud. BPNet starts with a simple concept—eliminate the complexity of dealing with the formats, codecs, file sizes, FTP applications, and all the other things that make sharing media files a constant struggle.”

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