Cobalt Digital Joins TICO Alliance

Cobalt Digital announced that it has joined the TICO Alliance, a consortium of manufacturers and thought leaders that support TICO compression as the standard for the new IP-based live ecosystem.

Cobalt Digital said that by using the TICO compression and video-over-IP standards, the industry can seamlessly update existing SDI-based workflows to IP and UHDTV 4K without the cost of a complete operational overhaul. Cobalt became a member to contribute to and benefit from the group's collective knowledge and interoperability studies as it focuses on transitioning traditional customers to this next-generation production and broadcast standard.

"The TICO Alliance is less than a year old but has already attracted some major industry players, which is a testament to the technology's viability. Participating in the TICO Alliance will help Cobalt maintain its strong position in the signal-processing and transport markets as a go-to provider of essential, problem-solving products that connect system components such as cameras, production switchers, and multiviewers," said Jesse Foster, director of products and business development at Cobalt Digital. "We've built partnerships and trust with our customers by providing top-notch technology and support, and we expect they will be pleased to find TICO-enabled products across our portfolio."

Membership in the Alliance gives Cobalt access to the TICO technology, and in turn Cobalt can quickly integrate TICO into its high-density FPGA-based hardware platforms. Cobalt TICO solutions will be available as openGear modular cards and as units in Cobalt's exclusive BBG-1000 Series of stand-alone systems. Cobalt customers will benefit from the TICO standard's extremely low-latency performance, visually lossless quality, and wide acceptance in the industry.

Developed by intoPIX, a recognized expert in high-quality video compression, TICO technology eases the broadcast industry's transition to IP and 4K/UHD by simplifying connectivity. It is intended for industrywide interoperability in studio infrastructures.

"The TICO Alliance and all its members are glad to welcome Cobalt Digital as a new collaborator. It is another important contribution toward easing broadcasters' transition to UHDTV 4K within the existing SDI plant and new IP-based infrastructures," said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, manager of the TICO Alliance.

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