DekTec to Show SdEye at 2016 NAB Show

No TV station wants to risk loosing revenue or customers due to a bad signal. The DekTec SdEye gives TV engineers the information they need within budget.

DekTec will be showing SdEye software at the 2016 NAB Show. SdEye is a feature-rich, real-time SDI waveform monitoring software package with a complete set of tools for real-time and offline analysis of SDI signals, at an affordable price.

Paired with the DTU-351 for HD-SDI input to USB-3 devices, the software turns a notebook or laptop into a real portable waveform analyzer. When a critical situation suddenly arises, you can simply pull out your laptop and identify the issue. Your primary scope may be back at the shop, but your laptop is always within arm’s reach.

The DekTec SdEye supports 3G, HD and SD SDI. It provides 608/708 closed caption analysis, shows all streams found in HANC and VANC, and displays YCbCr/RGB waveforms and vectorscope. It also provides SDI structure and audio peak meter and a SDI stream monitoring output featuring CRC and EDH error detection. Data can be logged to a CSV file.

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