Vizrt at NAB 2016

Vizrt will be at NAB 2016 with new graphics innovations that not only add spice to video broadcasts, but also provide the on-screen information that has become as important as on-air talent for capturing audience attention.

In today’s broadcasting market, digital news organizations are becoming increasingly important profit centers, and since they all share the same real world images, it’s often the graphics that gives each network or station their unique brand identity.

At NAB 2016, Vizrt will present innovative graphics tools to help journalists link multiple video clips, create automation controls add templated graphics to updated video timelines and publish their stories to live news channels as well as Web and mobile streaming sites—all from within the same HTML tools.

If you are creating a pop-up live channel, podcast production, or live sports and entertainment event, Vizrt’s Showmaker tool enables scripting of stories, editing of graphic and video templates in conjunction with their Viz Opus compact control room system. This year, Viz Opus will be seen with a new switcher-like interface that will be familiar to traditional directors, as well as master control capabilities for importing and playing out IBMS (Integrated Broadcast Management System) rundowns.

Vizrt will spotlight their IP streaming capabilities with SMPTE 2022­6 IP in and out and J2K IP out, on Matrox x.mio3E, as well as ASPEN IP streaming. Viz Engine will also be featured a complete video playout solution in several 4K real time demonstrations and as a real time VR and AR camera tracking processor during Vizrt ́s hourly live public show.

Viz Eclipse, a virtual overlay system developed in collaboration with Infront Sports & Media

Viz Eclipse, a virtual overlay system developed in collaboration with Infront Sports & Media

Making its debut at NAB 2016 will be Viz Eclipse, a virtual overlay system that lets content owner insert unobtrusive ads tailored for specific regions directly into television feeds utilizing Vizrt’s pioneering image-based camera tracking technology.

Viz Multiplay, Vizrt's multiscreen studio control system, will be at the Vizrt NAB exhibit with an improved workflow for editing content and new vision mixer integration that allows for switcher recall capabilities.

We’ll also see a new all-in-one box system for the U. S. election night results called Vizrt Social TV that includes new integration for viewer feedback and input including social messages directly Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into newsroom templates. The Vizrt Social TV demonstration will also include a technology preview of its new Web-based moderation interface.

Vizrt’s Weather Alerts system will be boasting many new enhancements at this year’s Vegas show. Now Weather Alerts creates two-way communication between the broadcasters and the viewers by integrating social media, all from a single intuitive user interface. It can present animated alert maps, polygonal warning support, advanced alert automation support and now complies with FCC regulations with native text-to-speech support embedded in secondary audio channels.

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