ChyronHego Shows New Advances At The 2016 NAB Show

ChyronHego will showcase new solutions at the NAB 2016 Show to ease the path to all-IP operations for broadcasters. The company’s exhibit booth will feature end-to-end workflows for news and sports production, channel branding, tickers and weather production that integrate both ChyronHego’s core product family and recently acquired technologies.

ChyronHego will demonstrate a fully integrated end-to-end news production workflow powered by the CAMIO asset and data management solution. With CAMIO the workflow integrates ChyronHego's Lyric graphics creation and playout system, VidiGo Live Compositor for multi-camera TV production, Metacast weather graphics solution, and hybrid virtual studio and robotic camera head technologies. The result is a solution that allows anyone in the newsroom to create, control, and play out a full newscast; complete with broadcast graphics, virtual studio with augmented graphics and weather.

With the CAMIO integration, working with advanced virtual graphics and augmented reality is just as easy as creating a lower third. This streamlined workflow reduces operating expenses, but the template-based approach also gives journalists complete control and flexibility over the graphic elements of their story.

ChyronHego’s Paint enables “illustrated replays,” a combination of replays, graphics, and analysis that enhances fans’ understanding of the action.

ChyronHego’s Paint enables “illustrated replays,” a combination of replays, graphics, and analysis that enhances fans’ understanding of the action.

For live sports broadcasting, ChyronHego will showcase its Paint telestration and analysis solution. Paint enables “illustrated replays” — a combination of replays, graphics, and analysis that enhances fans’ understanding of the action. 

The company will also introduce VidiGo Arena for end-to-end sports arena productions. Running on standard hardware, this all-software solution integrates the VidiGo Live Compositor, ChyronHego's Lyric graphics, Shout social media editor, and Hybrid robotic camera head control system. The result is the an integrated solution for producing an entire arena show, including camera cuts, digital video effects, and social media tie-ins. The resolution-agnostic features of the ChyronHego tools are particularly valuable in an arena setting, which must be able to support any resolution, including the unusual aspect ratios of large video boards.

The company also will demonstrate a state-of-the-art deployment for election graphics based on the NewsTicker Elections system from the company’s newest acquisition, Newsroom Solutions. With NewsTicker Elections, news productions can deploy accurate, data-driven, real-time ticker graphics for complete confidence in live reporting of election results. Also on display will be the company's new Channel Box PRIME channel-branding and playout system.

Finally, ChyronHego’s NAB exhibit booth display will feature the newest version of Metacast, the company's weather-graphics presentation software. Metacast now features seamless integration with the CAMIO graphic asset management solution.

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