Gearhouse Broadcast Selects SAM Alchemist To Support Live Sports Coverage

Gearhouse Broadcast has purchased 14 Snell Advanced Media (SAM) Alchemist HD SDI standards converters to support its broadcast customers needing to provide live HD coverage of the upcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Brazil and the UEFA Euro 2016 football championships being held in France in June.

Edward Tischler, Head of Projects at Gearhouse Broadcast, said that they have used Alchemist for several years and “we’re continually impressed with its clean and detailed format and frame rate conversions. We’ve had a significant number of broadcasters contact us to rent Alchemist, and we expect that interest to grow as these two major sporting events draw closer.

The Snell Advanced Media Alchemist Ph.C-HD provides broadcasters with a complete, one-box system solution that converts between 1080p, HD, and SD broadcast standards and formats. It relies on SAM’s proprietary Ph.C motion estimation technology to deliver the best possible quality in a live broadcast environment.

“A great standards converter is essential to a live sports broadcast because the quality of the final broadcast output needs to be perfect,” said Neil Maycock, executive vice president of Marketing at SAM.

This recent purchase adds to Gearhouse’s existing inventory of nine Alchemist units, which now total 23.

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