KRK KNS 8400 Professional Headphones are Voiced Like Leading Studio Monitors

KRK KNS 8400 closed-back monitor headphones are designed to be a true reference monitor, allowing users to record and mix audio the same way as using loudspeakers.

KRK said the KNS 8400s are exceedingly accurate. They have a natural, wide frequency response, a silky, articulate high-end and an extended low-frequency definition that ensures that the bass component of audio signals is accurately reproduced.

The robust dynamic range serves up consistent low-distortion detail and clarity, the company said. The circumaural design employs high-tech memory foam ear cushions, allowing them to conform to ears to help ensure a comfortable fit during marathon sessions.

Traditionally, having to switch from speakers to headphones has represented a disconnect of sorts in the recording process. Users often find that those comfortable, ruggedly built headphones they favor bear little sonic resemblance to trusted monitor speakers. KRK claims to have solved this dilemma with their KNS series headphones, matching them to leading monitor speakers.

KRK has spec'd these headphones with replaceable parts, including a detachable high-durability oxygen-free copper cable with an in-line volume control. The headphones feature a copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil, 1.57-inch low-weight neodymium driver and 5Hz-23kHz frequency response. They have up to 30dBA of ambient noise isolation.

Street price on the KRK KNS 8400 is $149.99.

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