SmallHD Provides Free Firmware for 500 & 700 Series Monitors

SmallHD is giving owners of its 500 Series and 700 Series HD on-camera monitors a Vector Scope and reverse Log LUTS in a no cost firmware download.

SmallHD is providing a free firmware upgrade to existing owners of their 500 Series and 700 Series High Definition on-camera monitors.

This firmware upgrade 2.2, which can be downloaded at, brings with it three new features: a professional HD Vector Scope for evaluating exposure levels, variable intensity reverse Log LUTs (Look Up Tables) for most popular cameras and Dual Zebra bars in addition to the original Zebra bars to help gauge when bright areas are “blown out”.

Firmware 2.2 will come pre-installed on all new 500 and 700 Series SmallHD monitors.

Readers of The Broadcast Bridge may be interest to know that the growth of SmallHD was funded in large part when its founders, Wes Phillips and Dale Backus, won the "Doritos: Crash The Superbowl Contest" not just once, but twice.

You can see their victorious videos on YouTube.

Doritos Ad Winner from Super Bowl XLI


Doritos Ad Winner from Super Bowl XLIV

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