TMD and Telestream Partner for Proxies

Asset management systems provider TMD is to implement transcoding from the Vantage Media Processing Platform within its Mediaflex-UMS MAM platform. The chief benefit of this is that browse-resolution proxy files can now be created without the need to call external devices. In turn, this simplifies content flows.

Browse resolution proxies are a vital part of any asset management or archiving system, allowing users to view, select and rough-edit content without using full resolution resources. The pact between TMD and Telestream sees the latter's Vantage transcoding software implemented within the asset management processing platform, minimising the need to transfer files or to use external appliances.

“The result is a cost-effective, slicker system design,” says Jon Maynard, CTO of TMD.

As well as Mediaflex-UMS asset and workflow management systems, TMD will embed Vantage proxy encoders into its Paragon Archive Management solution.

“This offers a scalable media aware archiving solution based on the industry accepted LTFS standard. Paragon scales from compact desktop LTO auto-changers to the largest archives with multiple robotic tape libraries,” explains Maynard.

Paragon now supports LTO-7 and offers migration workflows to move from previous LTO generations including pre LTFS and legacy HSM platforms. With the Telestream partnership, Paragon now provides a fully integrated browse solution allowing its clients to browse archived assets and select content for full or partial restore.

“Our software architecture is built on what we call Mediaflex Unified Media Services, (UMS),” said Maynard. “It is a service-oriented approach to content and workflow orchestration, and means we can create real operational and efficiency benefits through close integrations of other advanced software products like Vantage. Telestream is a great company to work with, and I am delighted that we can now offer our users the best quality proxies in the simplest of architectures.”

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