New 7-inch On-Camera Monitors From SmallHD

SmallHD has added two new high-definition on-camera monitors to its existing rich 700 Series. The 701 Lite and 702 Lite models offer 450-nit 720p displays and an operating system with built-in professional software tools like Focus Assist, Exposure Assist, Waveform, RGB Parade, Audio Meters and more.

Designed to stand up to the rigors of video production, each SmallHD screen is shock mounted and housed in a forged aluminum chassis. The 701 provides HDMI in and outputs, while the 702’s feature both HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs, with low latency cross conversion between HDMI to SDI, and vice versa.

All 700 Series monitors accept either Canon LP-E6 or Sony L-Series battery packs in the same battery slot. With a low 10-Watt power draw, the monitors will run off a pair of Sony NPF-970 batteries for 9 hours straight. They can also be powered from an AC adapter or a P-Tap/D-Tap off a large camera battery.

Users can also apply 3-D LUTs to the image in real time as post-production preview. With the internal Pagebuilder menu, presets can be configured to allow the shooter to quickly toggle between frequently used pages of in-monitor tools. In addition, multiple monitor users can design tool pages tailored for their specific shooting needs.

A full-sized SD card slot allows users to conveniently transfer images and LUTs. Users can opt for SmallHD’s free 3D LUT collection, or custom LUTs that can be added and applied so crew members and clients can easily visualize what the scene will look like after post-production colorization. The SD card also allows the capture of a virtually unlimited number of on-screen images from the monitor, and overlay nearly any JPEG over live video—a real plus for continuity and post-production.

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