Swisscom Implements Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure Technology

Telco operator Swisscom is implementing a cloud infrastructure and virtual network technology from Ericsson. The changes will enable Swisscom to improve the handling and delivery of mobile content and data. Ericsson will also provide systems integration services.

To help streamline the content delivery chain, Ericsson will supply its Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000, Cloud Execution Environment, Cloud SDN and Cloud Manager software. Ericsson will also provide virtualized network functions (VNF) for Swisscom core network, including complete virtual Evolved Packet Core and virtual IMS, which will be managed by the Ericsson Network Manager software.

By introducing cloud capabilities into Swisscom's network, the operator said it will now be able to take full advantage of the agility, efficiency and speed of its file-based infrastructure. For example, by using Virtual Network Services for features such as mobile broadband, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling, Swisscom can scale the network to the needs of each service.

In addition to consumer offerings, Swisscom will be able to develop industry applications and Internet of Things (IoT) services targeting a wide range of enterprises and sectors. The transformation ensures the operator's network has a 5G-ready core and can be scaled as IoT adoption increases.

The Ericsson Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 uses a disaggregated hardware architecture for better resource utilization. The initial focus is on complete operator cloud transformation for network functions virtualization, IT and commercial cloud operations.

The Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is based on OpenStack and supports applications including virtual network functions from Ericsson and third parties.

The Ericsson SDN controller powers the Ericsson Cloud SDN solution, which is a commercial (hardened) version of the open source OpenDaylight SDN controller.

Ericsson Network Manager offers a suite of tools for hybrid network management, managing both physical and virtual network functions and providing a common view of network resources and services across multiple network technologies and life cycle management of VNFs.

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