​Amagi Launches Broadcast Cloud Platform

Someone had to do it. Amagi has plumped for Cumulus as the name of its new cloud-based broadcast platform.

“Offered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cumulus “enables content owners and broadcasters to create and deliver video across cable, satellite, IPTV, and OTT on-demand platforms, reducing dependencies on individual service providers.”

K.A. Srinivasan, co-founder of Amagi, added: "Through the Cumulus broadcast platform, TV networks can assign all of the heavy lifting to the cloud, in terms of content preparation, playout, and monetization, while having the flexibility to choose the best delivery method based on market needs. Since the workflow already exists in the cloud, broadcasters will find it easy to create regional sub-feeds, launch new channels, and expand across continents to drive new revenue."

Through an App Exchange module, Cumulus allows access to multiple third-party broadcast apps for various workflow tasks, including scheduling, Electronic Program Guide management, rights management, ad traffic and delivery, regulatory QC, and subtitling.

The product offers centralized content storage and archiving, providing TV networks with transparent access and total control over their assets. Leveraging AWS Glacier, Cumulus provides an integrated archival workflow with instant, easy retrieval of archived assets. For monetization of assets, it supports targeted ad insertion across linear and OTT feeds. Amagi's patented content watermarking technology allows broadcasters to insert ads seamlessly compared with traditional triggers such as DTMF and SCTE-35.

Channel Playout is provided via Amagi's Cloudport, which offers multichannel playout support for live and nonlinear feeds.

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