​Bluefish444 and Leader Back TICO

The TICO Alliance has found another pair of backers in Leader and Bluefish444.

Leader Electronics, which makes test and measurement equipment says it is committed to ensure that its hardware and software solutions conform to the IP-based data-exchange formats increasingly being used in broadcast television, radio and professional audio.

"As well as being a trusted partner to broadcasters, Leader is future-proofing its test and measurement products," comments the vendor's European Regional Development Manager, Kevin Salvidge. "We are allowing broadcasters to migrate from the traditional SDI world to the brave new IP world at their own pace, with a test and measurement products that operate in either or both infrastructures."

Bluefish444, manufacturer of video cards, has also announced membership.

"With TICO lightweight compression our customers will be able to provide products capable of delivering 4K 60fps video over a single 3G SDI cable, infrastructure which is already well established globally," states Tom Lithgow, Product Manager. "Making our customers solutions, which are based around Bluefish444 SDI IO hardware, compatible with TICO compression allows for the building of end to end Bluefish444 SDI solutions and also provides interoperability with other TICO compatible products."

Some of the benefits of TICO compression to Bluefish444 customers, explained Lithgow, include: A mezzanine compression scheme that is “visually lossless” and at a ratio which “can provide considerable bandwidth savings across multiple transports and technology platforms.” The firm points out that TICO is supported across existing 3G SDI Infrastructure, as well as emerging video over IP technology platforms. “A small footprint in both FPGA resources and in software encode and decode operations,” is another plus.

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