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Canon and SGO Team Up for BVE HDR Workflow Demonstration

The concept of a full production chain, with shooting linked to post-production playback, editing and grading, will be seen during BVE 2016 as part of a collaboration between colour correction specialist SGO and Canon. HDR finishing using the Mistika grader will be demonstrated on the camera manufacturer’s stand at the show as part of its ‘glass-to-glass’ programme.

Canon will show its latest developments in HDR (high dynamic range) technology, which is now being used in conjunction with 4k images on monitors to display pictures with even more sharply defined colours. The BVE demonstration will feature the SGO Mistika colour-finishing workstation as part of a 4k-HDR glass-to-glass (that is lens to grading monitor) workflow.

Commenting on the collaboration, Austin Freshwater, director of professional imaging at Canon UK, commented, "Canon wants to help businesses find the best way of working with technology. At BVE SGO will join us to give live demonstrations of its Mistika post-production platform using footage captured with our Cinema EOS cameras and displayed on our 4k professional reference displays. This way visitors can see all the technology being used in an actual workflow environment and understand how it can make a positive impact on their creativity."

Geoff Mills, SGO Group's director of global sales and operations, added, "BVE provides an ideal opportunity to showcase these capabilities and we are proud that Canon will be placing Mistika in the limelight at this key UK event."

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