BBright Releases HEVC-Master for Post

French vendor BBright is shipping HEVC-Master, a file to file transcoding station for UHD and HEVC workflows.

The compression engine runs on a multi-CPU platform (supplied) and can be pushed up to 12-bit colour and 4:4:4 chroma sampling to support advanced HDR implementation.

BBright, as a founding member of the x265 project, has built and developed its accelerated compression engine on a robust and high-quality codec ensuring the widest decoding interoperability and the best bitrate efficiency,” said Guillaume Arthuis, CEO.

“BBright is proud to deliver its HEVC-Master to the industry, the Swiss-army knife for post-production houses and broadcasters aiming to process and deliver Ultra HD contents”, he added. “Our customers can today acquire a future proof hardware & software scalable solution moving forward with the next UHD standards.”

With supporting HDR (firmware option), upscale, and multiple HEVC encoding flavors, HEVC-Master is described as an easy to use solution for customers adopting UHD workflows, allowing up-conversion of existing HD SDR materials. The appliance includes multi-task parallel encodings and workflow capabilities: watch folder, central storage interfacing, and API for easy integration in existing infrastructure.

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