​EditShare Preps Storage For 4K Workflows

At NAB, EditShare is launching a shared storage solution, part of its XStream EFS range, designed to support incremental migrations to 4K/UHD.

“The external forces driving the move to 4k/UHD are far greater today than when the industry made the leap from SD to HD a decade ago. The race to monetize this 4k/UHD content is well underway and the time to invest in a scalable infrastructure that delivers is now,” says Andy Liebman, CEO, EditShare. “This year at NAB we will showcase new XStream EFS storage solutions that provide a clear path for facility owners to support these emerging production needs with 4K-ready storage that can be deployed in incremental steps, along with clever new Flow production tools that scale collaboration by connecting resources into the production pipeline regardless of whether they are located down the street, across the country or on the opposite side of the world.”

The XStream EFS shared storage solution is claimed as highly scalable (5PB+) and highly affordable and able to cope with exploding media volumes, high data rates and the complexities of collaborative workflows.

“With the latest Native Client support delivering significantly increased performance for Windows, OS X and Linux users, EFS is the only platform to combine efficiency, high bandwidth and extensive fault-tolerance (metadata, media data and hardware redundancy),” say the firm.

Also showcased at NAB is EditShare Flow, available with all EditShare storage systems and available for third-party storage solutions. This MAM contains a range of applications providing media ingest, key asset tracking, transcoding and automation capabilities.

“With the web-based application, AirFlow, EditShare has made it easy and secure for production teams to take that first step into a 'cloud' environment for remote and collaborative workflows,” says Liebman. “AirFlow uses on-premise storage already used for high bandwidth workflows to provide secure and cost-efficient access to media from anywhere in the world via a basic Internet connection and standard web browser. No need to pay extra for cloud services or waste valuable time uploading content to an external location such as Amazon or Google.

Ideal for fast-turn around projects, AirFlow aids the editorial review process by allowing resources located anywhere in the world to access and review large volumes of content.”

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