NAB 2016 Shared Storage Solutions: Spectra Logic

Spectra Logic’s hybrid solution uses both LTO and TS tape for a solution that Chief Technology Officer Matt Starr claims can really drive cost down to just pennies per GB.

What sets your solution apart from the rest of the pack?

Spectra Lotic:  What makes the Spectra BlackPearl unique is that it provides low cost archive. It does so by removing the need for, and cost associated with, middleware. Spectra’s hybrid solution utilises both LTO and TS tape in order to create a solution that can really drive cost down to just pennies per GB.

Other features that set Spectra’s solution apart from competition include multiple tiers of digital storage technology meaning that the end users have continual access to their data. It also significantly reduces complexity by integrating and streamlining the workflow, allowing for a plug-and-play experience for the user.

Spectra uses Linear Tape File System, a magnetic tape format that defines the organisation of data on the tape. BlueScale management unlocks the potential of Media Lifecycle Management, which reduces tape-related errors and eliminates unscheduled downtime due to media problems and increases the reliability of the user’s backup, archive and deep storage operations. In short, the Spectra solution ensures that the user’s content is secure and available whenever it’s needed.

If clients want the ability to store, locate, retrieve and manipulate media at ease whether it is held nearline, online or offline in longer term storage then are solutions available to address this?

Spectra’s hybrid solutions offer the ability for broadcasters to easily archive, retrieve and edit assets on multiple digital storage technologies, depending on their specific needs.

Users deploying low-cost, ArchiveGrade NAS storage need the option to migrate or copy data to the deep storage tier. Spectra Logic’s nTier Verde enables the NAS environment to seamlessly export data to deep storage.

Spectra Logic’s Verde DPE’s unique approach combines SMR drive technology driven by Spectra’s ZFS implementation and software RAID controller. Data can be easily staged and compared to traditional disk technology, Verde DPE, with SMR, allows adjacent tracks to partially write over the previous one – much like shingles on a roof, utilising up to 25% more capacity on the disk drive.

Spectra’s ArcticBlue, a nearline disk storage system, leverages the company’s BlackPearl hybrid storage architecture and SMR disk media to create an object storage based disk platform with maximum longevity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. This means the user can now affordably integrate a long-life nearline disk solution with online performance.

Users need not worry about data loss. Spectra’s Verde with network file interface automatically creates a second copy of video on digital tape to provide protection from natural disaster, accidental deletion, theft, and more. Verde with NFI provides the user with peace of mind that all critical video will be there when its needed.

All of Spectra’s solutions can be accessed by a single technology platform that provides one interface to disk and tape storage using cloud protocol.

How are you addressing the industry migration to IP?

All of Spectra Logic’s products support IP based connectivity for management and all of Spectra’s disk support IP based data transfer. Spectra’s Verde and Verde DPE are NAS attach storage support CIFS/SMB. NFS, Specta’s BlackPearl Object gateway supports Simple Storage Serivces over IP and finally all of Spectra’s library support management over IP.

How open is your technology in integration with other systems?

Spectra Logic’s Digital Preservation solutions focus as much on retrieval of data as they do on the storage of data. In a world driven by information, and threatened by all that attacks information, genetic diversity in storage medium is a key measure of a secure storage strategy. By employing a combination of different storage medium Spectra’s solutions allow the user to capitalise on the benefits associated with each different media type.

Spectra Logic partners with industry-leading media and entertainment software vendors (MAMs, DAMs, middleware) to design and develop Spectra S3 clients to provide an end-to-end workflow that is fully integrated – from ingest to archive. This allows users to manage, archive, find and restore large volumes of valuable media content stored on various digital storage technologies such as disk and deep storage tape.

Matt Starr, CTO, Spectre Logic

Matt Starr, CTO, Spectre Logic

If a client wanted to host assets in the cloud could they do this with your product?

Yes, the client could join the many others who do so by utilising Spectra’s Deep Storage Gateway, BlackPearl. Users can archive their content in a private cloud – forever, at a flat, if not declining, cost. A gateway extends object storage to both disk and tape – an inexpensive, safe location for assets. Storing in the cloud provides users ultimate control over their data, high data integrity, with minimal software costs.

While the private cloud offers a cost-effective, secure and scalable solution which can easily integrate into existing workflows, the public cloud is quite different. The latter is costly, throws up accessibility issues and carries a number of security risks with it.

Could you share your NAB2016 news?

Along with a selection of new customers using BlackPearl, Spectra Logic will be showcasing the BlackPearl and Verde DPE products. Visitors can drop by to learn more about deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Visitors can also hear more about all of Spectra’s partner clients.

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