Tiffen to Show New Steadicam Pilot 2 and Steadimate Gimbal Adapter at NAB

Tiffen International will demonstrate its new Steadicam Pilot 2 and Steadimate Gimbal Adapter at NAB in Las Vegas. The Pilot 2 is a Steadicam camera stabilizer designed for a versatile user base with varying options available.

Tiffen said the Steadicam Pilot 2 can be purchased as the sled alone, or with two Arm and Vest options for varying classes of camera weight. With the Solo Arm and Vest option it has a payload capacity of 9.9 pounds, or with the Zephyr Arm and Vest option it has a payload capacity of 18.7 pounds.

Battery mount types for the Pilot 2 include standard mounts like V-Lock and Anton Bauer, as well as a variety of DV battery mount options. The Pilot 2 is offered with or without a 1000 nit HD Monitor and comes with a D-Tap power port on the stage for camera and accessory power. The detachable base makes for a sled or system that is easy to break down, transport and rig.

Steadicam Gimbal Adapter

Steadicam Gimbal Adapter

The new Steadimate arm and vest adapter is for use with gimbals such as the DJI Ronin, increasing its usability. The Steadimate takes the load off the operator’s arms allowing operation for hours on end and allows for effortless tilting of the camera.

Operators can interchange between hand held use or arm and vest use. It is sold as the adapter only or as a complete system with an Arm and Vest. Adding the Steadimate and a Pilot 2 system to your toolkit creates a well-rounded package for modern cinematographers.

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