Marquis to Debut Avid Interplay Workflows at NAB

Marquis Broadcast will be showing its new Avid Interplay cross platform workflows at NAB.

“Any connection issues between different broadcast systems will result in a compromised and inefficient workflow,” confirms Chris Steele, Marquis' MD. “Put simply, our interoperability solutions solve these incompatibility challenges by enabling competing manufacturers’ products to work together efficiently. As a result, we are very much looking forward to demonstrating the latest updates to our highly configurable interoperability engine Medway at NAB this year, in addition to new functionality which makes it possible to find and then use Interplay content on many Windows or Mac creative tools.”

Marquis Edit Bridge which is built upon Medway, links Interplay to Adobe and other manufacturers’ creative products. Edit Bridge integrates Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC and Avid Interplay, making it possible to browse and edit Interplay content directly in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. New developments include a generic extension to Edit Bridge that will now allow users to browse interplay and find media then drag and drop clips into other applications such as Apple FCP X and Grass Valley Edius.

Users who will benefit from accessing this functionality, include Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Composer editors wishing to collaborate on a project; those using Adobe Prelude CC as an ingest tool or for quality assurance for Avid Interplay/ISIS; those using Adobe After Effects to complete motion graphics for projects edited on Avid Media Composer, plus facilities who wish to continue to use Avid Interplay/ISIS for their tier one edit storage and MAM but wish to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro for editing.

“The challenges of integration are not going to disappear in a hurry,” confirms Steele. “However, to realise the many advantages that the move to digital file based workflows creates, we must be working towards a seamless and efficient process. Medway integrates broadcast platforms by providing transfer and format conversion workflows for video, audio, data and metadata. As a core product it solves integration issues and supports customisation. In large scale installations Medway acts as the central hub, providing multiple, simultaneous, and high-volume media and metadata integration services across best-of-breed systems from multiple vendors. As well as broadcasters, we also work with key manufacturers to ensure their solutions can integrate with other vendors’ products. So whatever your incompatibility problem, come and talk to us at NAB. We solve these technical challenges enabling our clients to focus on the business of creativity.”

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