Will Karma Kill GoPro’s Opposition?

​GoPro is teasing more footage of its new drone and video camera product which is due for release at NAB.

Details about the 'Karma' are being kept under tight leash by GoPro but the feeling is that it will be at HD resolution, judging by the 1440p YouTube viewing option it released at end of last year. The camera is also thought to support 360-degree capture.

GoPro reportedly set out to make its own drone after a partnership with DJI fell apart, according to Forbes.

DJI CEO Frank Wang Tao said in the article that "they dealt with us like how they dealt with Taiwanese OEMs, so we never had a successful official partnership."

GoPro has already partnered with Google (or should we now call it, Alphabet, to develop the 16-GoPro camera Odyssey and has separately developed a smaller six-camera spherical rig. In addition, GoPro joined with Facebook to create VR videos for its News Feed and it has its own 360-degree post production software acquired from Kolor.

Speculation is that GoPro needs a new killer camera product to counter slowing sales of its flagship Hero line, but with hundreds of UAVs on the market and a growing number of options to capture 360-video, will a 360-degree aerial video platform fly?

GoPro Karma test

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