ATG Damon Exhibits its Services at BVE London Show

ATG Danmon UK, a media and broadcast systems integrator based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, will showcase its range of systems planning, design, installation, configuration, commissioning and post-installation support capabilities at the upcoming 2016 BVE Show (stand H52), on February 23-25.

Russell Peirson-Hagger, Managing Director at ATG Danmon UK, said that the BVE show “sets off a very interesting year in the broadcast sector given the rapid technical advances taking place at almost every level. As a systems integrator, we need to ensure we are tuned to the latest advances in hardware, software and operational workflow. Our customers rely on us to make the right technological choices for them in order to gain maximum benefit from their investment."

He said that 4K is fast becoming the required standard for program production, given the affordability of latest-generation cameras and displays.

“At least as significant as the introduction of 4K over the next few years will be the increasing use of IP across areas of broadcast infrastructure that have been dominated by SDI. IP clearly has some current benefits to offer but there are still plenty of reasons why we will see the continued use of SDI for the foreseeable future,” he said. “Rather than IP completely replacing SDI, it is clear that a hybrid approach currently offers the best of both technologies. We can help our customers deploy the systems that best meet their requirements.

"Many channels now offer catch-up television services as a routine element of their activity, along with web-based news, program guides and over-the-top [OTT] supplementary program feeds. A key element of our role is to support our customers with these new delivery options and to ensure they can operate as efficiently as possible in an industry which demands high productivity as well as creative efficiency.”

The ATG Danmon team has over 20 years of experience in designing, producing, installing, commissioning and maintaining systems that give customers the best possible return on investment.

Projects currently in progress or recently completed at ATG Danmon include:

  • 4K multi-camera flyaway system for a major international media group.
  • 16-channel play out system for Ericsson Broadcast Media Services Middle East.
  • Three-camera VR studio currently being installed in Hong Kong.
  • Voiceover suite upgrade for the London headquarters of Input Media.
  • Five-camera high definition studio system for a major Middle East broadcaster.
  • Automated QC for Big Bang Post Production in Bristol.
  • Multi-server automated ingest system for Encompass Digital Media.

ATG Danmon UK also offers a range of products including transcoding, automated workflow management and file based QC solutions. We also supply the commissioning services, on-site training and ongoing support and maintenance.

ATG Danmon maintains offices in Asia, Denmark, Germany, the Middle East, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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