NAB 2016 Shared Storage Solutions: Promise Technology

With mushrooming data volumes and demands to sweat every drop of revenue from content, the ability to store, locate and retrieve material has gained real value. But how do you navigate the blizzard of options available from shared storage to the cloud? As we begin the run in to NAB 2016, The Broadcast Bridge asks select vendors to offer prospective customers a short guide to their company’s shared storage solutions. Our first company guide is from PROMISE Technology

What sets your solution apart from the rest of the pack?

PROMISE: Our solutions have always been based on data storage technologies. For over 27 years, we have been leaders in storage solutions. It is our core business and we continue to innovate to meet the growing demands associated with increased file sizes related to the media and entertainment industry.

Do you have solutions available for clients to store, locate, retrieve and manipulate media?

PROMISE: While we do not produce our own Media Asset Management software solution, we do strive to integrate our storage with the most common systems available. Users can choose at which points in their workflow to integrate our solutions. Most everyone seems to do things just a little bit differently.

How are you addressing the industry migration to IP?

PROMISE: PROMISE Technology is addressing this need today with our flagship VTrak A-Class product. The A-Class is a shared SAN/NAS appliance ideal for multi-user collaboration to ingest, stream, and process rich media. Using the best of both worlds, it offers a high bandwidth, low latency fibre channel interface for handling low latency uncompressed video as well as scaled out compressed content leveraging Ethernet. Offering fast 10Gbit Ethernet connectivity leveraging the NAS Gateway provides for hundreds of clients in the LAN network to access the highly scalable fibre channel SAN appliance via 10Gb Ethernet.

Victor Pacheco, Director of Field Applications and Support

Victor Pacheco, Director of Field Applications and Support

How open is your technology to integration with other systems?

PROMISE: We are extremely open and not proprietary in our data storage solutions. In every single installation, we need to interface to other products both in the front-end and the back-end.

Can clients host assets in the cloud with your product?

PROMISE: PROMISE VSky A-series is a scale-out object storage solution for the Private Cloud. This storage appliance can be hosted on-premises or at a public cloud facility. VSky supports a wide range of open standards such as NFS/CIFS, iSCSI, Amazon S3, Swift, and WebDAV restful APIs, which allows our customers to deploy cloud-based storage solutions. The main advantages would be owning and controlling your very own cloud infrastructure. Probably the largest perceived risk would be not having the ability to “touch/see” your solution if it was hosted off-site.

Could you share what you are able to about your NAB 2016 news?

PROMISE: We will be returning yet again to the Lower South Hall. Sneak peaks we can provide are: look for a personal cloud offering, additional storage expansion models, and the latest in networking interface devices.

Jason Pan, Senior Director of Business Development and Product Marketing

Jason Pan, Senior Director of Business Development and Product Marketing

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