IneoQuest Surveyor TS Delivers Uncompromising Video QoS Assurance

IneoQuest Surveyor TS operators get a comprehensive, real-time view of service quality, identifying video packet transport impairments as they occur. It helps operators to resolve potential problems before they escalate into viewer experience complaints and expensive truck dispatches.

IneoQuest Technologies recently announced the launch of the Surveyor TS Quality of Service (QoS) monitor. Surveyor TS empowers video network operators to more efficiently monitor the QoS of their video-focused IP transport streams in real time and offers a futureproof architecture for quality management.

Surveyor TS is a high capacity, scalable MPEG-2 transport stream monitoring appliance built on a software-centric architecture. This software-based approach can leverage the continuous performance improvements of off-the-shelf server technology and establish a foundation for virtualized solutions.

The device continuously inspects up to 20 Gbps of video traffic at line rate and in real time. With its uncompromising performance, all program flows are tested comprehensively, negating the need to run processing-intensive tests in a sampled, round-robin fashion. Surveyor TS measures, identifies trends and signals alarms from the RFC 4445 Media Delivery Index (MDI) and TR 101-290 metrics for each program, including RTP packet metrics as needed.

Surveyor TS scales from hundreds to thousands of flows. It provides full-time 24×7 line rate monitoring of video network performance for head ends, hub offices and local serving offices and flow-by-flow, program-by-program visibility to accelerate troubleshooting. It provides detailed historical reports which support informed, efficient video network design and engineering.

As the newest member of the IneoQuest video quality assurance platform for linear/IPTV networks, Surveyor TS is focused on the transport of the video packets, typically referred to as QoS. It complements IneoQuest’s comprehensive end-to-end Quality of Content (QoC) and Quality of Experience (QoE) measurement solutions.

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