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Yamaha Showcases New DXS18 Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha showcased the latest addition to its DXS Series of powered subwoofers, the DXS18, which delivers the highest output level of the series as well as the lowest frequency range capability.

Yamaha said it developed the DXS Series to add a more prominent, well-defined bottom end to its sound. The DXS18 builds on the design ethic of its predecessors, the DXS12 and DXS15, by offering improved cabinet construction, DSP processing, protection functions and crossover control. The new model adds flexible features and higher power output suitable for larger or more professional applications.

Powered by a 1020 watt Class-D amplifier, the DXS18 houses an 18-inch woofer with a durable four inch voice coil in a sturdy band-pass type plywood enclosure. It delivers 136 dB maximum SPL (and an extended LF response down to 32Hz), with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion.

The new model features Yamaha’s proprietary DSP technology with original D-XSUB processing for additional control of the low frequency range via two selectable modes — BOOST and XTENDED LF — and a selectable crossover with three different options (80/100/120Hz) for various applications.

Rear Panel

Rear Panel

The DXS18 also features a Cardioid Mode setting for sound systems with two or more DXS18 speakers, effectively reducing the energy directed towards the listeners while increasing bass levels. The system features advanced protection circuits in the speaker unit, amplifier unit and power supply that ensure optimum reliability and extended equipment life.

The enclosure is coated with a rugged, durable LINE-X finish, also used in disaster protection applications, giving the speaker exterior added protection from the elements when used outdoors. The model also comes equipped with M20 and 35mm pole sockets allowing for more flexible set up, while an optional wheel kit is also available for improved portability.

The DXS18 is priced at $1,949 and is now shipping.

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