JBL Launches iOS Apps for Speaker Angle and Placement Optimization

JBL by Harman has introduced two iOS apps — SpeakerAngle and SpeakerPro — to help users optimize speaker positioning for improved performance of their studio and home playback systems. 

JBL said SpeakerAngle and SpeakerPro address common setup issues that limit the performance of studio and home speaker systems. Relative to the listening position, differences in speaker distances and “toe-in” angles can cause subtle sonic detail to be concealed.

While JBL SpeakerAngle allows precise adjustment of toe-in angles, SpeakerPro uses sound to precisely measure the distance of each speaker to the listening position, as well as the distance between speakers.

Distance is displayed accurately within fractions of an inch, allowing optimization of speaker placement. Additionally, SpeakerPro uses distance data to provide intelligent toe-in angle recommendations for optimized imaging at the listening position.

Both apps can be used with Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices.

JBL SpeakerAngle

JBL SpeakerAngle

SpeakerAngle is easy and intuitive to use with no need for WiFi or Internet connectivity. The angle of a speaker is measured by placing the iOS device on top of the speaker, touching an on-screen display and then rotating the speaker toward the listening position until the optimum angle is set. The SpeakerAngle app is free of charge and free of advertisements, and works with any speaker make or model, in stereo or surround-sound systems.

SpeakerPro is the first app that allows audio system owners to precisely measure speaker distances and toe-in angles using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Ideal for studio owners and audiophiles, SpeakerPro works with any stereo or surround sound system, and with any make or model of speaker.

It employs a patent-pending method of distance measurement using sound. To make this possible, the iOS device is connected to the sound system using an appropriate audio cable and a simple calibration process is performed to compensate for latency in the system.

SpeakerPro then sends an audible pulse to any designated speaker and instantly displays the precise distance between that speaker and the listening position, or the distance from the designated speaker to any other speaker in the system. The process is repeated to take distance measurements from other speakers in the system.

JBL SpeakerAngle and JBL SpeakerPro are now available for download from the Apple App Store. SpeakerAngle is free of charge while SpeakerPro is available for $1.99.

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