Audio-Technica Takes on Shure in In-Ear Monitor Market

Audio-Technica, a longtime rival of Shure in microphones and headphones, has challenged its long time competitor with a new line of in-ear audio monitors.

In Audio-Technica’s first foray in the professional in-ear audio monitor market, the company has introduced three new professional model in-ear monitors that bring the sonic signature of the Audio-Technica’s M-Series to an in-ear design. The company said the new in-ear monitors are compatible with its M2 and M3 IEM systems, as well as third-party systems.

Audio-Technica’s new E- Series Professional In-Ear Monitor (IEM) earphones offers three models, with the top-of-the-line, flagship model being the ATH-E70 ($399). It uses three balanced armature drivers to provide accurate and extended response across the entire frequency range.

The ATH-E70’s accuracy and detail allow precise balancing of the mix, making it the perfect choice for monitoring on stage and ENG, Audio-Technica said. A flexible memory cable, which is detachable, loops over the ears for a custom fit and long-wearing comfort. It includes a carrying case, silicone eartips and Comply foam eartips. 

The ATH-E50 ($199), Audio-Technica said, feature excellent isolation that ensures confident, comfortable stage performance. This model offers a consistent reference in every sonic environment, making it the ideal choice for the producer on the road. 

The ATH-E50 has a single balanced armature driver that provide an accurate full-range response. It also features a flexible, detachable memory cable that loops over the ears. It comes with a carrying case and silicone eartips. 

The ATH-E40 ($99.00) has a proprietary dual phase push-pull driver design which improves fidelity and efficiency. It delivers powerful bass along with balanced mid and high frequencies to convey the full emotion of the music from the stage to the street.

Gary Boss, Audio-Technica’s marketing director for the professional markets, said the ATH-E40’s proprietary dual phase push-pull drivers provide exceptional accuracy and clarity that will make it a strong competitor to Shure’s $99 entry-level model (Shure SE215), which uses a single dynamic micro driver.

“We are confident in the audio quality of the ATH-E40,” Boss said. 

As with all the new Audio-Technica models, the ATH-E40’s flexible memory cable loops over ears for a custom fit. A specially designed housing provides maximum isolation. It also includes a carrying case and silicone eartips.

All three models will be available March, 2016.

Audio-Technica’s new line of earphones competes with Shure’s in-ear earphones on the low end, but it does not include a four-driver model, like Shure’s SE846 ($999) or Shure’s new KSE1500 Electrostatic earphone system, which costs $2,999.

Gary Boss, Audio-Technica's marketing director for professional markets

Gary Boss, Audio-Technica's marketing director for professional markets

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