ATHENSA Releases New Channel-in-a-Box Solution

“Broadcast made easy” defines the new ATHENSA BEZ OMNES turnkey channel-in-a-box server.

ATHENSA recently announced the launch of its new turnkey server, BEZ OMNES. The server integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on-air by combining automation, playout, interactive graphics and ingest within one server. BEZ OMNES can provide SDI or IP streaming connectivity for broadcast or cable TV as well as other applications. A single input port is shared between the playout engine for Live pass through and the ingest engine for simultaneous recording.

BEZ OMNES combines the functionality of the control software (powered by ATHENSA) with a powerful hardware configuration to create this unique channel-in-a-box solution. Using the next-generation 22nm Intel Xeon processor E5-2600v3 series, fully integrated micro architecture, BEZ OMNES delivers unmatched performance. The server is equipped with hot swap slots for eight 3.5-in HDD and two 2.5-in SSD. Replacing a hard drive is easy and no tools are required.

The server is perfect for linear TV channels, local commercial insertion, commercial insertion master, and it can run in parallel with a main automation system for disaster recovery. The playout engine features 24/7 unattended operation with automatic playlist loading, a Multi Parallel Output (MPO) feature that allows any combination of 2 or more outputs: HD/SD SDI, IP streaming in H.264 or MPEG2, video decoding during playback, and live source pass-through as a playlist item.

External device control allows the server to be used as a master control automation server. Changes to the playlist during on-air session are possible (except the item currently playing) and it allows non-destructive editing (except the item currently playing). It also has an external triggers input for commercial insertion (GPI or DTMF).

The high-quality graphics engine features multi-layered, simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks, etc. It also can use external data providers such as RSS, HTML, XML for automated content updates. It has easy configuration for bulletin board/carousel info channels, and EAS message overlay.

The ingest engine features scheduled capture of satellite feeds with automated channel switching, file splitting based on duration, multi-channel audio recording with Loudness/True Peak audio meters available for precise audio level fine-tuning. The system also supports Closed Captioning under EIA-608/708 standards. Numerous options are also available.

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