Elemental Technologies Installs Video Clarity 4K and RTM System for Product-Development Lab

Elemental Technologies LLC has installed a ClearView Shuttle 4K and an RTM real-time audio and video monitoring system from Video Clarity in its product-development lab.

In the lab the Video Clarity systems automatically measure the quality and performance of Elemental's solutions for multiple types of TV content and multiple delivery profiles—including different resolutions and frame rates.

Tom Gilman, technical marketing manager for Elemental, said they use the ClearView 4K system to generate MOS and JND metrics for various test clips. “The system has allowed us to characterize the changes we've made to our software between software releases. We also use the system when our customers ask us to verify results against content they have.”

Video Clarity's ClearView Shuttle 4K video quality analyzer provides a quality-testing tool that is designed to record and play back at native 4K resolutions in addition to HD and SD formats, which is becoming increasingly critical as more and more 4K-capable devices are built and deployed. ClearView Shuttle 4K, in combination with Video Clarity’s RTM solution, lets users apply a set of objective measurements to compare multiple content types with the multiple downstream processing conditions customers are likely to encounter. This procedure allows users to implement and quantify objective measurements that correlate to a high-quality, subjective user experience.

Another benefit is that the ClearView Shuttle 4K and RTM systems may be configured to create automated measurements in batches.

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