Quickplay Announces TV Lite with Support for Apple TV

Quickplay has announced TV Lite, described as an over-the-top (OTT) solution designed to enable content programmers and operators to roll out branded and configurable skinny TV bundles, with added support for Apple TV.

TV Lite is said to provide an alternative to the traditional pay TV bundle by enabling operators and content providers to “offer streaming packages with smaller, targeted bundles of premium content, at a reduced cost to the typical entry-level subscription package.”

With Quickplay, operators and content programmers can create skinny TV offerings with support for up to 50 HD live linear OTT channels and cloud DVR, in addition to a pared-down catalogue of VOD content.

Consumers now expect personalised discovery across video sources, leaner packages with first-run original programming, and the hottest live content delivered with the highest quality to any device and over any network.

In a recent study by Digitalsmiths, nearly 77% of respondents indicated a preference for consuming content via an à-la-carte model, indicating a seismic shift in the demand for content. The move towards slimmer bundles enables operators and content programmers to provide a number of alternative, tailored packages to tackle changing consumer preferences and in turn, drive viewership and revenue.

“Consumers are demanding premium, targeted content bundles at lower price points. With rising subscriber losses and changing preferences, the industry is on the verge of a significant shift,” said Wayne Purboo, CEO / Co-Founder of Quickplay. “From Quickplay’s perspective it is critical to be at the forefront of this revolution.

“The added flexibility and control to create leaner, targeted bundles will ensure that operators and content programmers are able to further leverage their OTT and content investments, while gaining from the simplicity, speed, and disruptive economics of a managed service model.”

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