Session Drummer Omar Hakim Selects ATC SCM50ASL Pro Monitors for His Personal Studio

ATC, the British manufacturer of high-end monitor loudspeakers, said session drummer Omar Hakim has installed a pair of ATC SCM50ASL Pro three-way active monitors in his personal New Jersey studio after touring the ATC factory in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.

Hakim is an acclaimed American jazz, jazz fusion and pop music drummer, producer, arranger, and composer associated with musicians that include Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, Weather Report, Sting, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kate Bush, Dire Straits and Journey.

It was with Kate Bush last year at London’s Eventim Apollo Theatre in London that Hakim became aware of ATC loudspeakers.

“Her engineer was the great producer/engineer Greg Walsh, who set up a control room space at the rehearsal location during pre-production for the London shows. That’s where I heard ATCs for the first time — SCM100ASL Pros, I believe,” Hakim said. “I was immediately blown away with what I was hearing. That was the first time that I had ever heard a speaker reproduce audio like that! Then I had the pleasure of doing some show prep at Kate’s personal studio, where I think she had SCM150ASL Pros — they were fantastic!”

ATC SCM50ASL Pro Active Monitor

ATC SCM50ASL Pro Active Monitor

So when it came to upgrading the main monitoring at The OH-Zone, his own personal studio back home in New Jersey, he chose ATC monitors. “I was thinking of getting SCM25A Pros — until I heard the SCM50ASL Pros at the ATC factory, having had the pleasure of getting a factory tour and sitting with Managing Director Billy Woodman to audition several ATC models. I decided to go with the SCM50ASL Pros because I could hear the difference in the low-end response.

“I also knew that for my purpose of tracking live drums and small rhythm sections they were the right choice for me. To finally be able to monitor music with this level of accuracy and detail is an incredible experience for me. The SCM50ASL Pros are definitely taking my work to the next level.”

The SCM50ASL is an active three-way monitor system suitable for reference monitoring in medium sized rooms, with a 234mm Super Linear bass driver, ATC’s dual suspension tweeter and ATC’s SM75-150S mid range soft dome driver. The active design ensures optimum matching of six MOS-FET amp blocks to the drivers, providing plenty of transient headroom and maximum SPLs of up to 112dB. An LF contour control provides five bass boost settings and a flat reference response.

The British-built SCM50ASL Pro three-way active monitors are priced at about $15,000 per pair.

Since 1974, ATC has designed monitors for maximum accuracy and sonic clarity. The company’s monitors are in the studios of some of the most discerning engineers on the planet including George Massenburg, Chuck Ainlay and Nathaniel Kunkel.

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