Archion Unveils Advances in Shared Media Storage

As a result of its desire to push the boundaries of 4K performance, media management and affordability, Archion Technologies, a provider of high-performance collaborative storage solutions for media workflows, has announced three new shared media storage advancements.

These include the introduction of EditStor Velo with throughput up to 5000 MB/sec, enhancements to EditStor Omni that will increase performance up to 8000 MB/sec and the PICS (Picture, Index, Clips, Search) media management system.

Archion’s latest storage systems and feature sets for Editstor Omni and Velo illustrate the company's commitment to the growth of 4K and 6K and its demanding requirements in both throughput and scale.

James Tucci, chief technology officer of Archion, said that they have taken the advanced technology developed for its Omni and EditStor platforms and brought it across all of its storage lines. He said they have reached their goal of offering one unified, ultra-fast platform, that allows customers to choose the size and speed that best fits their needs.

Recognizing the need by post production facilities, broadcasters and other media outlets to support the growing use of 4K and comparable workflow demands, Archion’s new EditStor Velo media storage server delivers 4K performance at a very affordable price point and with the ultimate in collaboration capabilties.

Velo combines the power of 12GB in a 16-bay chassis to deliver the fastest 16-bay digital video storage with throughput of up to 2500 MB/sec. Adding just a single hot pluggable expansion chassis significantly boosts the performance of Velo to 4000 MB/sec, and two expansion chassis boosts it even more to up to 5000 MB/sec. Latency is improved by 20% with each chassis.

A 40gigE card is available to optimize performance to 5000 MB/sec, enabling facility owners to provide their creative teams with up to 40 streams of UltraHD for their 4K workflows.

As a multi-protocol, network-attached server (NAS) for digital video, EditStor Velo connects to all systems via standards-based Internet protocols. It is optimized for the leading creative applications, including Adobe Creative Cloud and Anywhere (project sharing), Final Cut Pro X Libraries and Events, Avid Media Composer (with transparent project sharing), Blackmagic Resolve and more.

Velo provides on-the-fly expansion of shares, full support for and compatibility with several user authentication methods, including LDAP workgroup, Windows Active Directory, Apple Open Directory and much more. LTO and backup storage software is included.

Archion's EditStor Omni offers unprecedented bandwidth through a single 24-bay NAS media server to handle 4K demands. By eliminating SAN servers and SAN software, Omni outperforms all other shared storage and delivers on the best of NAS technology.

“NAS systems have far exceeded SAN technology to the point where SAN infrastructure gets in the way,” said Tucci. “Investing in hybrid solutions that include both SAN and NAS infrastructure only complicates matters, adds unnecessary expense and lowers performance. EditStor Omni is the only shared storage you need and is designed to make 4K workflows easy.”

The Omni engine moves streams at 4000 MB/sec, allowing users to edit and create at full resolution, speeding up the finishing process. “Also, as your facility grows -- and your storage and bandwidth—adding a chassis not only expands your storage, but the new technology in our expansion servers delivers twice the speed at up to 8000 MB/sec.

The Omni expansion system increases overall throughput to allow more streams of 4K and more simultaneous captures of 4K video. Adding the first expansion chassis increases throughput to 7000 MB/sec, and adding a second expansion chassis increases throughput up to 8000 MB/sec. Each expansion chassis decreases latency by as much as 20%. These incredible NAS bandwidth figures are best achieved with a dual 40GigE option, delivering up to 65 streams of Ultra HD for 4K workflows.

To help Velo and other EditStor users search, find and share their content, Archion has introduced PICS, its storage browser software platform for media indexing, searching and reviewing. PICs will ship with all new EditStor Velo and Omni systems.

PICS is a media manager that indexes clips and allows users to search, play video clips, mark in and out points and catalog clips from the EditStor system. Clips with in and out points can be exported as XML for importing to editing systems. PICS can be installed on any client that is connected to an EditStor system running Windows or OSX. 

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