​IBM Acquires Clearleap

IBM has acquired Clearleap, US-based provider of cloud based video services. It operates data centres in Atlanta; Las Vegas; Frankfurt, Germany; and Amsterdam. Clearleap will be integrated into the IBM Cloud platform to provide enterprises with a “fast and easy” way to manage, monetize and grow user video experiences and deliver them securely over the web and mobile devices. Financial details were not disclosed.

IBM says clients across all industries are demanding a secure, scalable, and open cloud-based solution to manage their video services. This is especially significant given research suggesting that 80% of the world’s data is unstructured and “dark” to computer systems that cannot effectively manage or exploit it. Video makes up a significant part of that data.

The Clearleap video clients include HBO, A+E Networks, the NFL, BBC America, Sony Movie Channel, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon Communications are customers.

“Clearleap joins IBM at a tipping point in the industry when visual information and visual communication are not just important to consumers, but are exploding across every industry," said Robert LeBlanc, SVP, IBM Cloud. "This comes together for a client when any content can be delivered quickly and economically to any device in the most natural way."

Clearleap's open API framework enables organizations to build video into applications and to adapt to specific business needs such as custom workflows and advanced analytics. The framework also enables access to third-party applications that customers may already have in their environments. The platform includes subscription and monetization services, and data centres from which to host digital video assets.

Clearleap’s video services will be offered through IBM Cloud data centres. IBM will offer the Clearleap APIs on IBM Bluemix in 2016 to enable clients to build new video offerings.

“With consumer demand for video growing exponentially, the business of creating compelling and personalized video experiences is booming. This makes the acquisition by IBM, a global leader in technology, a perfect fit,” said Braxton Jarratt, CEO, Clearleap. “As a part of IBM, we can extend the capabilities and global reach of the Clearleap innovations to grow and scale like never before.”

In 2014, IBM acquired Aspera and last month it added Cleversafe, a developer of object-based storage software and appliances that enable organizations to quickly store, manage and retrieve unstructured data. The Cleversafe and Aspera technologies will be leveraged for use with Clearleap to help clients more quickly store, index and retrieve video content through the cloud.

"IBM is focused on being an essential partner to the rapidly changing M&E industry by helping our clients deliver personalized content to the right customer in real time anywhere in the world,” said Steven Canepa, GM, Global Media & Entertainment Industry, IBM. "The combination of Clearleap with our proven analytics and hybrid cloud capabilities will deliver exciting new video solutions that will fundamentally change communications across every industry."

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