German Systems Integrator Hosts Broadcast Innovation Days in South East Asia

In October, Systems integrator Broadcast Solutions GmbH, based in Bingen, Germany, hosted a series of “Broadcast Innovation Days” in Manila and Bangkok that generated a lot of interest from professionals working in the local broadcast industry.

The dual events, organized by Broadcast Solutions GmbH to discuss the latest trends in broadcast technology, marked the first of a series of industry presentations and demonstrations that will continue. A third “Broadcast Innovation Day” was held this month at the company’s headquarters in Bingen on December 9th.

In Manila and Bangkok, the German system Integrator teamed up with partner companies IHSERiedel and Lawo, to demonstrate a wide variety of products and solutions and giving the events a broad scope. More than 200 participants attended and heard from a variety of experts on the rise of 4K and IP in live broadcasting, new developments on audio over IP, the use of KVM in broadcast and audio consoles and concepts in the broadcast environment.

Peter Jakobsson, Business Development Director at Broadcast Solutions, said the Broadcast Innovation Day series has led to increased interest in its products and services. The company recently opened a new office in Japan to serve the Asia-Pacific region.

Anyone interested can register at the event webpage under:

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