ITN Upgrades with Livewire Digital

Livewire Digital’s M-Link package of live and file-based laptop news gathering applications have been selected for use by journalists and news crews reporting from around the globe for ITN. ITN produces the news programing of the UK’s terrestrial commercial broadcasters including ITV News, ITV News London, Channel 4 News and 5 News.

Completing its upgrade of all news gathering, production and broadcast facilities to full HD, all ITN’s mobile journalists are now equipped with a MacBook Pro running M-Link Live X for live links anywhere a crew can get connected, and M-Link NewsCaster for reliable, high quality transfer of edited news packages and rushes back to the studio over the Internet.

The Livewire Digital M-Link Live X and NewsCaster are ideal for reporters on the move. All are complete with fully integrated BGAN HDR Control to maximize the quality of the video delivered regardless of the link conditions. Dynamic feedback from the network provides real time information on the available bandwidth and is used to manage the live Adaptive Bit Rate encoder as well as accelerated file transfer.

M-Link Live-X and NewsCaster work equally well over Ka band satellite technology, VSAT, BGAN, 4G, 3G, DSL, and other broadband connections.

Reporters using M-Link NewsCaster can take advantage of advanced features such as automated background encoding, automatic transmission, MXF encoding, aspect ratio and orientation correction, and choice of transmission protocols. The NewsCaster Mobile iOS app, available in the iTunes App Store, integrates with existing M-Link workflow to add options for all iPhone-equipped staff to contribute video from the field.

M-Link Exchange

A quarter of the size of its predecessor, the M-Link Exchange Server is designed to operate on the Windows Server platform, and occupies just one unit of rack space. With considerably more processing power, the new 1U Exchange server will provide the backbone of future M-Link receiver systems using HEVC encoding and handling multiple live calls. The new M-Link Exchange server allows users to simultaneously ingest live video streams and to play out files on the same piece of equipment.

“Recent updates to M-Link™ dramatically improve performance and workflows for our broadcast and other news gathering customers, and ensure that the M-Link™ product suite cements Livewire Digital’s position as a market leader in mobile news gathering solutions," Richard Aylmer-Hall, Product Manager, Livewire Digital.  "ITN set us a challenge to prove that M-Link™ met their needs, and within their budget, and we are delighted to continue working with them.”

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