Radial Announces McBoost Microphone Amplifier for Dynamic and Ribbon Microphones

Radial Engineering has unveiled McBoost, a 100 percent discrete, class-A dual FET signal booster for low output dynamic and ribbon microphones. 

Radial said McBoost is designed to elevate the signal level of a low output microphone so it can perform better with a typical mixing console. The problem is that most mic preamps and mixing desks are only designed to boost the signal by about 50 to 60 dB.

Although this is suitable when working with most dynamic and condenser mics, there are several instances where more gain is necessary. A good example is the Shure SM7, a microphone originally designed for the broadcast voice. When the SM7 is used to pick up lower level signals, the detail is often lost. The McBoost provides the extra gain to give the excellent sounding microphone a wider group of applications.

McBoost also works for older ribbon mics from the beginning of the broadcast era. These ribbon mics tend to have lower sensitivity as a means to protect the ribbon from bottoming out. They need an extra boost when used with regular preamps.

McBoost front and back panels.

McBoost is connected between the mic and preamp. Using standard phantom power, it offers up to 25db of gain with a variable front panel knob for level. It features an all-steel construction with book ends that create protective zones around the switches and controls.

Inside, McBoost features hand-matched transistors to ensure performance is achieved with the dual FET class-A circuit. The gain knob is supplemented with a three-position high-pass filter to eliminate excessive rumble and proximity build-up.

For the purist, a three-position impedance selector allows the engineer to optimize the load on the mic for greater accuracy. Powering by 48V phantom eliminates the need for batteries or an external power supply and connections are done via standard XLRs.

"The McBoost is more than just a studio tool. It can be used to drive long cables for broadcast by improving signal to noise and it can bring a condenser-like character to dynamics for both live and studio,” said Radial’s Jay Porter.

Made in Canada, the McBoost is priced at $199.99 and is currently shipping. 

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